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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Title-Review of Radiology
Edition-Currently in its second edition

Featured reviews of the Book on-
Anil Aggarwals Internet Journal of Book Reviews
Link- http://www.geradts.com/anil/br/vol_004_no_001/main.html

We keep receiving books for review from various publishers. However some books are of such paramount importance that we at the journal office thought one review may not be able to do justice to that book. One opinion may be slanted, perhaps by the individual tastes and preferences of the reviewer. Reviewers from different continents, nations, even different parts of the same nation may perceive a book differently. Why not send books to two or more different reviewers and get their opinion. We requested several authors/publishers to do that and they gladly obliged.
One of the most important books to hit the literary scene in recent times is Review of Radiology written by Sumer K. Sethi. Dr. Sumer came out with the first edition last year, and just in one year all copies were lapped up by radiology students around the world.
So important has this book been, that it has been recommended by most professors of radiology to their students. Although the book would be useful to all radiologists in practice, it is particularly helpful to students appearing for the MD/MS entrance examinations.”

Read the full review with interview with the author Dr Sumer Kumar Sethi here-
Anil Aggarwals Internet Journal of Book Reviews
Link- http://www.geradts.com/anil/br/vol_004_no_001/main.html

Other reviews of the book Review of Radiology-
Link- http://www.mcqsonline.com/edoctor/radiology_review.htm

Link- http://www.mcqsonline.com/portal/files/books.php

The review by target pg goes like-
“The success of the author lies in the fact that he has been able to give SO MUCH OF THE "NEEDED" POINTS in so few pages. ..Most of the points that are given in the book have been already asked and more importantly almost all questions that have been previously asked can be solved with this little book…This book is bound to be one of the classics of PG Preparatory … “This book can be read at the cost and time of two movies” and to answer 100 % in State PG and about 90 % (87.5 % to me more accurate) in All India (where you are expected to answer 66 % correctly to get into the top 100 ranks) from such a small book is commendable and the author needs to be appreciated.”


  • hello sir
    i prathmesh gupta has just completed my mbbs and i was thinking of radiology as my md degree. sir my forensic sir who is good friend of urs suggested that u would be able to guid me, give me a little bit idea about this feild.if so i vl be much greatfull sir.i would be doing in any 1 of the european nation.
    sir am i making a right decisions, sir if u can just tell me about its future aspects.
    thank u sir vl be egarly waiting 4 ur reply.

    By Blogger prathu, at 8:18 AM  

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